A trip down the yellow brick road!

Gather your Juniorkins, put on your sparkly shoes and march on down the yellow road to meet the Wizard of Song, Fri., Jan. 27 @ 1pm on Nick.

In a ‘twist’ on the timeless movie classic, the Fresh Beats find themselves in a strange land populated by Juniorkins, a good witch, a bad witch who craves Marina’s sparkly shoes, and a cupcake-loving musical wizard (Jason Mraz).

When Marina takes a break during band rehearsal, she gets swept up in a giant windstorm and is transported to a magical land. On her journeys to find her way home she meets up with a not-too-smart scarecrow (Twist), an emotionless tinwoman (Kiki), and a scaredy-cat lion (Shout), who all sing and dance their way down the yellow road to meet the mighty and magical Wizard of Song (Jason Mraz), who they hope will grant their respective wishes.

Come spend an hour with the Fresh Beat Band, who will delight you and your little ones with one of their best and most creative performances yet. Catch all the singing, dancing, cupcake making and shoe stealing on Friday, January 27 @ 1 pm ET/PT on Nick and again on Sunday, January 29 @ 7pm ET/4pm PT on Nick Jr. Just follow the yellow road.